Welcome to Rosario Assisted Living!


When life changes course and you, or your loved one, make the decision to transition into an assisted living community, we are here to provide a compassionate look at your options. Our loving team of caregivers at Rosario Assisted Living will gladly walk you through what kind of lifestyle we can offer, including residence within one of our six, intimate houses with private apartments.

With nursing care available 24 hours a day, our residents enjoy a life abundant with daily activities that engage the mind, body and spirit. The atmosphere we exude is one of friendship, offering our residents a feeling of support and companionship as well as an opportunity to share their past, present and future through love, laughter and interaction with others. We are also a community that believes in the magic of animals and children which, at Rosario Assisted Living, are all a part of our campus lifestyle.

We encourage you to scroll through our pages to learn more about our unique community and see if, perhaps, we are a good fit for you.